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SPOTO is a reference in delivering IT certification training with high quality, efficiency and responsibility. The technical level of our highly specialized consultants attests to our commitment to offering the market differentiated and excellent services.


SPOTO, through its highly qualified consultants with years of experience, offers professional consulting services on IT certification training to the market. Our consultants have skills and competencies in the development of complex solutions for Enterprise and Service Provider environments. In addition, all of our consultants are Cisco certified. And all of our projects are developed based on PMI practices and managed by certified PMP professionals.

Body Shop

If your corporation needs to develop a complex project whose scope is not yet defined, we can help you by allocating CCIE-certified senior professionals to technically lead the project. In addition, we can also allocate PMP certified project managers or junior and full consultants. SPOTO can help you compose your team with different profiles of consultants or project managers. Request a commercial proposal and discover our smart hour packages.

Network Assessment

If your corporation needs to improve its technological infrastructure but does not know where to start, allow SPOTO to carry out a complete assessment of your environment using appropriate processes and tools. We can identify and document your physical and logical architecture, analyze information flows, map security vulnerabilities, identify points of failure, among others. After analyzing the environment, we will deliver a report indicating the necessary improvements and the actions to be taken together with the products to be purchased. This report allows you to prioritize the improvements to be developed, as well as to plan the necessary investment to keep your environment productive and reliable.

Technical support

SPOTO offers differentiated and flexible training services to the market. Our customers can order the CCIE Lab for practice and prepare the coming CCIE certifications. Through the expertise and know-how of our consultants, we guarantee full support in the most critical and unwanted situations. This modality allows the customer to define the service package that best suits his environment and budget. The customer will be able to define which equipment he wants to cover, the minimum or maximum number of calls per month, or the minimum and maximum number of support hours per month, the seniority level of the consultants responsible for the service, the most appropriate SLA, etc.

Monitor is the offering of managed services. Through our SOC (Service Operations Center), we monitor your business 24 × 7. Our performance is totally proactive and anticipates problems, avoiding unwanted outages.

And by selling Cisco guarantees (SmartNet, Small Business Support Service and SmartCare), we complement our support services offering. While Cisco guarantees product quality, SPOTO guarantees quality of service. We can also manage your contract with Cisco and perform all the services necessary to ensure the success and high availability of your environment.

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